Auto Glass Repair And Safety

An improperly or poorly installed windshield or other vehicle glass is not a bargain, regardless of the cost. Your vehicle’s windshield is a key component in accident safety. When it needs to be replaced, be aware that an improperly installed replacement can contribute to passenger airbag failure, and increases the chance of roof collapse in … Continue reading “Auto Glass Repair And Safety”

An improperly or poorly installed windshield or other vehicle glass is not a bargain, regardless of the cost. Your vehicle’s windshield is a key component in accident safety. When it needs to be replaced, be aware that an improperly installed replacement can contribute to passenger airbag failure, and increases the chance of roof collapse in a roll-over.

A professionally installed modern windshield protects occupants in more ways than many people realize, it is MUCH more than a barrier against the weather. These days, a windshield is a key component in the structural integrity and safety of the passenger compartment, not just a wind screen. An unsafe windshield, one that is not installed properly or has been damaged by debris, can certainly cause unnecessary personal injury or even death. If the windshield separates from the vehicle in an accident, the lives of those inside are immediately at far greater risk of injury.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports over 40,000 Americans are killed and over 5 million injured every year in highway accidents. Over 30 percent of the fatalities occur when vehicle occupants are either ejected from the vehicle, or injured during rollovers. Windshields are intended to keep occupants inside the vehicle. The windshield also supports the roof thereby preserving the structural integrity of the passenger compartment and keeping it from collapsing and crushing driver and passengers.

The danger here is that insurance companies are always looking to cut costs. You may ask, how does that affect me? Windshields, safety belts, airbags and other safety feature should never fall victim to cutting cost at the expense of quality, but in some cases that is what happens. Some consumers will rely on their agent to locate a professional auto glass installer, but that could be a problem because occasionally they will direct you to a place that will get the work done for cheap, but this also might be a flag that corners are being cut.

Visibility and protection from the weather are both important functions of a windshield, but although these aspects are what mostly concern drivers, the role of the windshield in the vehicle’s SRS (Safety Restraint System) is its primary function. The decision between a cheap installation with cheap parts and a professional installation with quality parts can mean the difference between surviving or perishing in a collision or roll-over.

Used Car Purchases Simplified

Ever thought of simplifying your vehicle buying process? The very thought of enduring a number of hassles in the car buying process is a deterrent for prospective new car owners. However, buying a new car is not possible for a large section of the population in recent times. New vehicles have become unattainable owing to higher prices, taxes and additional charges. You have to shell out a huge amount in registration charges, duties, governmental taxes, insurance costs and service warranties. This itself translates into approximately 20-30% of the original ex showroom price of your desired car.

Buying a used car will keep you free from all the above mentioned troubles and expenses. You can snap up your dream car at almost one-third of the cost involved in buying its newer counterpart. Alongside, you will not have to shell out money for registration, taxes and insurance as these are usually paid by original owners. Most importantly, you can purchase used cars from a higher segment at the price of a lower one. This is only possible because of the substantially low prices of used cars in today’s times.

Before buying your desired used car, it is important to keep some essential things in mind. Firstly, you should always do some much needed research on the vehicle you are about to buy. Find out about the features available in the particular auto model and its usual reliability. Go for models that are generally considered reliable and sturdy. You will find loads of online reviews and website features to help you out in this regard. Most importantly, find out if the vehicle suits the needs of you and your family. Once all this is in place, try to find out the approximate value of the used car model in question. Once again, you will find all your desired information on the internet. You can also use online car classifieds for this purpose. These websites usually contain loads of advertisements from used car sellers in all cities in India. You will be able to find out the average price of your desired used car model from these portals.

This will give you more confidence while negotiating with the used car seller. Always go for a price that is considerably lower than the original asking price of the vehicle. If the used car seller is open to negotiations, he or she will scale up the prices from the price you stated. Even if this happens, you still get a final price that is quite lower than the original asking price quoted in the advertisement. Use online classifieds portals to buy your second hand car. You will find loads of quality used cars at unbelievable prices on these portals.

These portals also give you the chance to negotiate your prices directly with the seller. You can reply to advertisements or contact sellers directly using the details provided in advertisements. There are no third parties or brokers involved and you can thus get a better deal on your used car.

Though a small business owner, Avinash Bhosale is an auto engineer and does part time auto modification. He recently started writing about Cars, Bikes and Business offers like selling and buying of used cars . Get aware of the latest news with his Blog – Buying Cars and Bikes.

A Step-By-Step Direct to Obama Home Loan Modification Program

Obama’s $75 million Home Affordability and Stability Plan is a rescue attempt to save the plummeting housing market. The President has the conviction that by restructuring their mortgages, homeowners who are struggling to make ends meet, will be able to save their homes. This initiative comprises of two parts:

1. Home affordability refinance program – this program helps homeowners to refinance loans that went upside-down because of the tumbling property rates.

2. Home affordability loan modification program – this program is designed to reduce mortgage installments for people facing foreclosure by modifying their mortgages, and reducing payments.

Many homeowners are not eligible for refinancing according to the Obama mortgage plan. Hence, the home loan modification plan has become more popular. The eligibility criteria to apply for loan modification include possessing and occupying a one to four unit home, having a loan that originated before January 2009, and having a due principal balance equal to or less than $729,750 for a single-family property. If an individual does not inhabit the house, then he/she will not be eligible to apply for the Obama mortgage plan. Also, the figure $729,750 is very important. The total loan amount may exceed this number. However, the principal amount to which no interest is added, should not exceed this figure. Moreover, subordinate loans and second mortgages may not be included in this amount.

If the house is a multi-unit property, the limits may go higher. If the mortgage is applied on a four-unit property, and the owner occupies it too, then the limits can be higher according to the HUD rules for the Obama mortgage loan modification scheme. There are a few other requirements to apply under Obama mortgage modification. The monthly mortgage payment should exceed 31 percent of the individual’s gross monthly revenue. And the applicant must also be able to show a significant rise in income or fall in expenditures that have enabled the applicant to pay the FHA home loan or other mortgage.

Under this plan, interest rates can be lowered to as low as 2 per cent, and the duration of the mortgage repayment can be extended to a maximum of 40 years. Also, the service providers will be required to reduce the monthly payments to less that 31 percent of the gross monthly income. This will considerably lower mortgage payments. Reduction in payments can greatly benefit people who were on the verge on losing their homes, and stop foreclosure. They can start making their payments regularly. Save home – Avail the benefits of Obama Home Affordability plan. can offer you the lowest repayment plan provide online include home mortgage refinance loan with low interest and also do home loan modification at lowest rate.

Modify Your Car And Standout From The Crowd

Perhaps you have been searching online for a new car. Well I guess I should say the ‘newest used’ car. Thinking about this and the amount of money it shall cost is daunting particularly if you have a few more payments to make. Looking for the perfect used car can be a hard task, but have you thought of the alternative. Why not re-evaluate your wants and wishes and consider repairing and upgrading what you already have. I logged on to a number of sites and found some wonderful car ‘makeovers’. You might like to have a look at where you can join the forum, ask questions, and perhaps learn about refurbishing your car.

Checking out what is online will make this decision easy and believe me the products, all of which are guaranteed to impress, will set you apart from the pack. has a comprehensive used car section, where all you do is register, log in and search. You will find thousands of cars for sale; search by category, find articles and information on Australian and European cars and you can even browse motorcycle classifieds.

Perhaps you have found yourself with a few extra dollars that you can spend on your vehicle. You can add and stamp your own personality to your basic car, by just investing in a few fresh innovative ideas. New products on the automotive accessory and customising market at present are not only functional but also can be a cosmetic improvement. You might even consider

overall vehicle design, total vehicle enhancement, or just do something simple and have grille guards installed or choose window tinting.

The cost of this equipment and trappings ranges from a few dollars to a small fortune, however you can have them installed for much less than the price of a new vehicle. Going online to search for these items is most likely the best way to find exactly what you want. Your car service centre, and large automotive supplier are two good ways to find local sources as well.

The vehicle enhancement options available are vast. Anything goes these days, fog lamps, colour instrument dials, silver or colour stitched leather gear knobs, sports pedals, spoilers, body kits, engine covers, interior upgrades in many styles and materials, even in wood grain and of course, don’t forget the special wheel and tyre packages. Most good shops have a selection of quality tyre brands from which to choose, and can be complimented with any number of attention-grabbing styles of genuine alloy wheels. Think about what your car would look like with a new set of wheels and tyres, and if you are feeling the need to check up on prices and style, log on to and search through the archives, read the articles, and browse through some of the new car reviews.

You may opt for part to full restoration or just standard to custom repairs and resprays to all stages. Full or part custom or standard panel and paint service. Maybe you would like clear tail-lights or euro style headlights in chrome or black. You could invest in a Body kit, air bag and lowered springs suspension. But, whatever you do make sure you buy exactly what you want and not what the sales person wants to sell to you. Search through the pages at before you do anything and go straight to the Cars Forum. You will find that customising your car is a real option and there are many who have registered; logged in and found out all the information they need right at their fingertips.

Here is a list of ideas that might spur you on:

Air dams and spoilers

Anti-theft devices

Bug deflectors

Carrier racks

Custom seats


Keyless entry systems

Personal breath alcohol testers

RV and towing accessories

Special shock absorbers

Stereo systems

Striping and/or decals


Vehicle navigation systems

So if you are considering trading-in your present car, do your sums first. You might find you would be just as pleased, and a lot richer, with a few particular improvements and spruce up your present car to make it part of your personality and stand out from the crowd. Have a good time customising your ‘new’ car.

Exactly How Loan Modification Attorneys Negotiate to Your Bank on Your Behalf

Were you near to the point of losing your current hard-earned home? Do you want to leave your private home where you were raised caused by repayments which get uncontrolled? You can still find methods for you to definitely prevent foreclosure of your home. Through the help of home loan modification, it is possible to stay in your property.

Loan modification is a term used when banking companies change existing mortgage loans. Loan modifications are achieved employing numerous applications. The type of process used is dependent upon the actual issues and money that you have. Banks typically sponsor these plans. It is additionally possible to get this by using government programs such as the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP).

Loan modification attorneys may help you deal with this type of events. These kinds of legal experts can certainly help revise your current monthly payment to the sum of money to suit your budget. It is true that loaners often give borrowers a hard time throughout their mortgage loan modification attempts. Most of them hesitate in an acceptance. Most often, they’re going to demand that you go around different departments, fill up forms, and give bank statements and pay stubs. It is also possible that they require you to definitely do this process again. Worse yet, after you follow their processes, your application can be rejected without having explanation in the least. The process can take months or maybe even years and might be really annoying in case you do this on your own. That’s where loan modification attorneys are needed. They have the abilities to actually negotiate with the bank as your representative.

To get the loan mod application completed, you have to look for a company that has skilled loan modification lawyers. Schedule a face-to-face discussion and discuss your present situation, budget, mortgage file and status, and also possible solutions. With their numerous years of experience, they are able to review your state coming from a legal perspective. Using this discussion, they are able to analyse whether your loan modification will probably be effective. These kinds of attorneys can provide you with many choices. When they observed your modification eligible, intensive analysis and even file evaluations would most likely follow.

Make sure to start preparing all of the documents you have to review. Some examples are financial files including pay stubs in addition to financial institution statements. Loan modification lawyers will also review delinquency reputation, insurance coverages, real estate taxation, plus debt-to-income ratio. After that, they will define the target monthly loan amount. The application will likely then be all set. When you’ve got earlier submitted an application that was declined, they are able to fix it likewise.

On identifying the options, they are able to handle your negotiation from the legal perspective. They may submit your application into your lender. All you ought to do is chill out and wait for outcomes. Even so, there are occassions when the lending company holds up your application without providing good reasons. Your attorney can frequently follow-up with the lending company. It lessens the risk of getting the loan mod application files lost or misplaced. This can also help you become aware in the event that there are various other document requests.

Loan modification lawyers know precisely what your bank wants and needs from you. You can fully entrust to them the legal actions that should be taken to alleviate your circumstances.

Imelda Dilick is an auto mechanic that’s in search of loan modification attorneys and is intending to get services from loan modification lawyers to address some loan problems.

How to Replace Fuel Injector in Nissan 350Z

Nissan 350Z was a famous car model that represented a sports car, which was marketed by Nissan from 2002 to 2009. The engine used in 350Z was implemented with a direct injection technology, which helped to maintain a powerful performance with improved fuel efficiency. The fuel injector in such type of engine technology is placed directly inside the combustion chamber rather than the intake manifold. This modification helps to improve the fuel efficiency by reducing the throttling losses when compared to an ordinary MPFI system. But this improved version of injection system also becomes ineffective, if the fuel injector is damaged or clogged. Since the injector is restricted from spraying required quantity of fuel, it will directly affect the engine performance with the engine running sluggishly. Making your move towards a fuel injector replacement on 350Z, should also require you to keep the replacement clean, without any extra cost or damage. To make sure that the fuel injector replacement remains effective in your

Nissan 350Z, follow these easy steps-

1. Choosing the right injector for your 350Z is highly important; otherwise it makes no sense in replacing the injector with the one that doesn’t fit the engine requirements. The 350Z model manufactured from 2002 to 2006 was implemented with a VQ35DE 3.5L engine. While the Coupe and Roadster versions of 350Z manufactured in 2007 and 2008 were built with VQ35HR engine. Know which engine is fitted in your 350Z and based on the engine, buy a new injector.

2. The next step is to remove the old, damaged injector using socket wrench set and fuel injector replacement kit that would help you to remove the injector easily from its place. For this, you will need to disconnect the battery negative terminal first, and later, remove the fuel hoses from the fuel and the electrical connectors of the fuel injector. Before removing the hoses, do not forget to remove the pressure inside the fuel system by removing the fuel pump fuse or relay, while the engine is turned ON.

3. Disconnect the vacuum hose from the fuel pressure regulator. Now disconnect the fuel rail using socket wrench to remove the mounting bolts. This will cause the fuel rail to get detached from the engine with the injectors still attached to it.

4. It simply requires a small push to remove the injectors from the rail. Once they get removed, remove the O-rings from them and do not use these rings again.

5. Install the new fuel injector to the fuel rail with new O-ring and connect the fuel rail back to the engine. Connect the fuel hoses and the battery cable to complete the installation process.

6. Connect the vacuum hose to the pressure regulator, and also connect the fuel pump fuse or relay back to its place and start the engine. The pressure will get back to normal inside the system once the engine is started.

Where To Get The Best Auto Glass Repair

There is no time to lose when you need to get auto glass repair.  After all, things will only get worse for you when it comes to your car or other vehicle that has broken or cracked glass. The thing that you need to do is to get this addressed right away.  If you find that you have a broken or cracked window, do not try to patch it up yourself.  It is not as simple as it looks. You need to be able to repair the glass in such a way that it is safe.  The best thing to do is to call a company that will provide you with a good auto glass repair quote.  

There is no time to lose when you need to get auto glass repair.  After all, things will only get worse for you when it comes to your car or other vehicle that has broken or cracked glass. The thing that you need to do is to get this addressed right away.  If you find that you have a broken or cracked window, do not try to patch it up yourself, but call a company that will provide you with a good auto glass repair quote.  

The auto glass repair quote will be offered by a company that offers mobile auto glass repair. They can even come to you to fix the glass on your car.  If you have a broken window, any window, you need to have it repaired as soon as possible. The auto glass repair should be accomplished by a company that can do this quickly as well as do a good job.  You will have a cheaper time getting this done by a company that practices auto glass repair than by taking it to the dealer.

Taking it to the dealer or body shop will usually entail them actually going to an auto glass repair shop to get this replaced as most body shops and dealerships will outsource this sort of work. You are better off to get an auto glass repair quote from a reliable company in the area that can come out right away and tell you what needs to be done and how much it will end up costing. This is not something that you have to be afraid of doing but should be done whenever you see that there is something wrong with the windows of the car. In such cases, the damage may be blatant, such as a completely broken window or one that is out.  In other cases, there may be a small hole or crack in the window that will get bigger over a period of time. Either way, you need to address the problem and not ignore it.  

If you are looking for auto glass repair quote, then you should use a company that does Glass repair as its main business.  Because there are specialists when it comes to auto glass repair, you tend to get a better deal from them than what you would get from another company that might have to outsource the work. You are better off to use them than a dealer that will charge you a great deal of money to work on your car. When you want to save money and have a safe car, then you need to go to the source that will be able to fix the car.  This means that if there is something wrong with the glass, you go to a company that deals with auto glass.  

You do not have to drive around with cracked windows or ones that are broken, as a matter of fact, this is dangerous to do. You need to go to a company that will provide auto glass repair for all of the glass on your car in order to have a safe vehicle that you can drive on the street.

Florida Lemon Law For New Cars And Auto Warranty Enforcement In Florida

After your home, your new car constitutes the largest purchase you make and it jolly well should work properly as promised in the express written warranty.

Unfortunately, not all new cars live up to their promise. Sometimes the new vehicle gets mired with huge problems and sometimes small and frequent problems. As a rule, these problems are covered by a manufacturers express written warranty. In Florida, if the manufacturer fails to live up to his express written warranty, there are consumer protections. New car buyers are protected by the Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act, commonly known as the lemon law. The Florida Lemon Law has special protections for new car buyers.

What are the cars that are covered by the Florida lemon law?

The Florida lemon law covers:

* New cars purchased for personal, household or family purposes
* Demonstrators
* Vehicles leased for more than one year
* The mechanical portions of an RV, excluding living quarters

What are the cars that are excluded by the Florida lemon law?

The Florida lemon law does NOT cover:

* Off-Road Vehicles
* Motorcycles
* Mopeds
* Trucks weighing more than 10,000 Pounds

How long is my new car protected by the Florida lemon law?

Your car is protected by the Florida lemon law

* During the first 24 months from the date of purchase if you are the original owner
* During the first 24 months from the date of purchase if you are a subsequent owner who has purchased the vehicle

What type of defects is covered by the Florida lemon law?

The Florida lemon law does not cover all possible defects in your car.

The Florida lemon law covers:

* Recurring defect/s or a nonconformity

How does the Florida lemon law define a recurring defect or nonconformity?

* According to the Florida lemon law a nonconformity is a defect that significantly impairs the use, value or safety of a vehicle
* According to the Florida lemon law a defect is NOT a nonconformity if it occurs because of an accident, abuse, neglect, modification or alteration by someone other than the manufacturer or its authorized service agent

Who should I contact if I find nonconformity in my new car?

According to the Florida lemon law, a nonconformity found in your new car purchased in Florida should:

* Be notified to the manufacturer
* NOT be notified to the dealer

How do I know do if the recurring defect in my new car is a nonconformity?

According to the Florida lemon law, a defect recurring in your new car is presumed to be nonconforming if:

* The manufacturer has attempted at least three times to repair the same defect without success
* Your new car is out of service for a total of 30 days or more or 60 days if it is an RV
* The manufacturer is given a written notice and a final attempt to repair/inspect the vehicle, but the defect continues to exist

What do I do if the manufacturer fails to fix the issues even after the written notice and the final attempt at repairs?

According to the Florida lemon law if your new car cannot be fixed or repaired you have two possible remedies.

Those remedies are:

* Refund of the purchase price of the lemon vehicle sold to you
* Replace the lemon vehicle with either an identical vehicle or a reasonable equivalent

What does a refund consist of?

* The refund may not be the full purchase price of the lemon vehicle, as there is an offset for the consumers use of the car
* The replacement vehicle option also includes a reasonable offset for use

There is a formula in the Florida lemon law to calculate the offset.
Do I have an alternative route to recover my loss, if the Florida lemon law fails me?

* The Florida lemon law is not the only remedy to help you recover your loss
* You have other possible avenues to pursue through federal law, the most notable Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act
* There may be damages you may get if you are a victim according top the Unfair or Deceptive Trade Practices Act

Save Your Home With Loan Modification

While it may not be the answer for everyone, loan modification offers a very real alternative to foreclosure and bankruptcy, assuming it is done properly.

A loan modification is a process of changing one or more original mortgage terms in a manner that both parties can agree upon. This is usually done following a claim of hardship on the part of the borrower and allows payment terms to be changed to a more affordable amount, usually through lowering the interest rate. Loan modification is different from refinancing because the clock doesn’t start over by creating a brand new contract, it simply modifies the terms of a pre-existing contract that remains in force.

Loan modification is a step that takes place before a short sale, foreclosure, or bankruptcy. A loan modification is meant to avoid these consequences. Many people are able to modify their original mortgage contracts and lower their monthly payment by hundreds of dollars. The amount that can be saved will depend on the amount, age, and balance of the loan. Another factor that will affect the terms of the loan is a person’s ability to negotiate with banks and lenders. In these instances, when the best possible savings are being sought, hiring a lawyer may be in a person’s best interest.

By attempting to modify a loan before filing for bankruptcy or losing a home in a foreclosure a person may be able to keep these derogatory terms off of their credit reports. Saving a couple hundred bucks a month on mortgage payments can mean having an extra couple hundred bucks a month to put toward other debts. That extra cash can be invested entirely in open debts or split amongst debts and high interest savings accounts or other low risk investment options.

Many lenders are more than pleased to modify loans when it becomes clear that financial hardship may soon creep up on the borrower. Some banks are even pleased to lower interest rates to long time customers that simply ask for the reduction.

There are plenty of folks in the world that rush into bankruptcy or short sales. They get scared and think that no other options exist. Even though the debt may seem overwhelming, borrowers usually have options. Loan modification is a simple step that many folks seem to forget on their road to foreclosure or bankruptcy. It may not be an option that works for everyone, but it is an option that everyone should attempt. Loan modification is one of the bankruptcy / foreclosure avoidance tactics that actually puts money back into the hands of the borrower, instead of the borrower being the only one expected to part with their cash.

Loan modification is also a very non-threatening option for lenders and borrowers. Lenders can help ensure that they will get as much of their investment back as possible while the borrower can avoid a rather large hit to their credit report. The nice thing about a loan modification is that nothing bad can come from making the request of the lender to modify original contract terms. The worse they can say is “no”. In comparison to the other things a lender can say, “no” doesn’t seem that bad.

Timothy G.McFarlin is an Attorney at McFarlin & Geurts with expertise in a variety of practice areas including real estate law, debt reorganization, bankruptcy, business litigation, and consumer law and mortgage litigation.

Discount Online Stores Auto Parts

Go to your pride and joy of car parks on Saturday and those admire the car as they be supposed to, vehicles, a gorged and detailed examination of his preeminent. Then the brakes a a small number of steps so as to you keep small children and disgust, the ears low and complain on the subject of their parents and an indication of brake pads Stooges discs. Working Time Directive brake, achieve and nix lone touched the car as she walks solitary. You assert several options. You can go away to your next-door dealer and OEM pads, which regularly expenditure an arm and a strut. To move the location of the district Stores Auto Parts and save money by sets of parcels probably exert yourself absolutely as well. Another option is to procure an Internet retailer of automotive components.

The volume of online trade has many advantages, the main of which the state of affairs is. Register online sports car parts keep be supposed to be on the discipline first-class real. Must be simply populated areas so as to achieve not require a well-situated location in favor of as a rule activities. Series, and not the other. Convenience has its charge, which regularly approved on to consumers.

There are many sites so as to focus in standby parts. While all company is unique in its own, nearby are three major forms so as to are straightforward to identify in the discipline of vehicle standby parts. Normally, this company is accessible almost universally. They achieve all kinds of font, many possibilities, and regularly punch all the money on the smidgen. The plain piece of evidence so as to the company is accountable in favor of the storage space of Stores Auto Parts of the following car manufacturer to keep the ratio of prices. And it’s the same basic concepts of approximately sites single-mindedness entities. Take the model of Volkswagen. Web sites are fans of the automotive industry, specializing in VW parts, which are in favor of Volkswagen, it can realize the goal.

There are a small number of companies so as to put up for sale brand automotive parts provisions. This process so as to they assert a hand down profit margin, which includes a profit margin of the manufacturer parts distributor cover, and it follows that still assert. Thus, a company which barely offer their own sports car parts sold much cheaper and still assert an adequate amount power to remain. The company specializes in, such as car parts, in favor of as a rule applications, the cross-over, a universal part of many vehicles and vehicle parts necessity be replaced more often. This Stores Auto Parts such as brakes, veer bearings, struts, columns, furniture and other components so as to modification repeatedly. A help model of a company like this is the main cream of the crop of sports car parts is stored.

Shane white hands finished 30 years experience in the renovate of automobiles and automobile parts. Since the accredited mechanic garage Shane ran successfully in favor of finished 10 years. The older nine years, Shane focuses on the management of modification and sports car renovate industry website. Shane is now associate president in the supply string of the main cream of the crop in favor of stores auto parts, online keep specializing in quality – imposing meaning standby parts and complete assemblies Strut automotive nucleus assemblies, brake parts, car engines, and battery chargers in favor of all makes and models.

Z Strut Strut Assembly business meeting, First Choice Stores Auto Parts brake pads.